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Poll: What is your favorite email app for OS X?

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AppleInsider is looking for the best email application for OS X. Vote for your favorite email app and we'll tell you the winner next week.

Last week we asked our Twitter followers to nominate their favorite email applications (other than the default Apple Mail application) for OS X. It's now time for all readers to vote for the best application. The poll can be found at the bottom of this article. If you have a favorite that didn't make the list, you can add it to the poll.

Here are your top five nominees:

Nylas N1

Nylas N1 (Free) is a new, open-source email application that allows users to submit product updates. Anyone can build plugins for N1 or submit tickets to their Github page. It has Gmail support with keyboard shortcuts, important labels, and the ability to archive your mail.


Postbox ($10.50) features a "Focus Pane" that lets you powerfully sort your mail. For example, it can show you just work messages in the last 24 hours. It integrates with Dropbox, One Drive and Box for attachments and has canned message-support.


Polymail (Beta comes with email tracking built in. At the bottom of any message you can check the "track" checkbox and see when they open your message. It also allows your to schedule your messages to send at a later time. It is currently in private beta, but the Polymail team agreed to let AppleInsider readers test it out first. Just click here to request beta access.


Unibox ($9.99) organizes your mail by person, not thread. It feels similar to how text messages are organized on your phone. This foundational feature makes Unibox a polarizing app; you either love it or you hate it.


Like Nylas N1, Airmail 2.5 ($9.99) is designed to work well with Gmail. I used (and loved) Sparrow for over a year. When Alaphbet purchased Sparrow and discontinued further updates, I found Airmail as an alternative. It feels the most Sparrow-like on this list.