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Inside iOS 9.3: Apple's native apps gain new 3D Touch shortcuts on iPhone 6s

The upcoming release of iOS 9.3 will bring new 3D Touch shortcuts to Apple's built-in apps on the iPhone 6s, most notably giving users the ability to quickly update App Store installs, or access battery or Wi-Fi settings.

Developers were issued the first beta of iOS 9.3 this week, revealing some of the changes planned for the forthcoming update. In particular, Apple has added a new "Update All" 3D Touch shortcut to the App Store icon, as well as a "Purchased" link.

Previously, the iOS Settings app lacked any 3D Touch shortcuts at all, but that's set to change with iOS 9.3. In the first beta, developers can quickly access "Bluetooth," "Wi-Fi," "Battery," and "Set Wallpaper" by firmly pressing the icon.

Apple's native Weather app also gains 3D Touch support in iOS 9.3, providing iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus users with quick access to their most frequently checked cities. A link to add a new city is also offered.

The iTunes Store now comes with "View Downloads" and "Purchased" links via 3D Touch, and Apple's Health app icon can be used to quickly access "Show Dashboard" and "Show Medical ID."

Even some of Apple's legacy iOS apps were given a 3D Touch upgrade in the first beta of iOS 9.3, as users can press down on the Compass icon to access "Start Level" and "Start Compass." The native iOS Stocks app also comes with a 3D Touch link to search for stocks.