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First BMW vehicles with Apple's CarPlay coming later in 2016

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BMW — one of the few major automakers without support for Apple's CarPlay — should finally begin offering the technology later this year through two new vehicles, according to an official pricelist.

The German-language document takes effect in August, and mentions CarPlay support as an option for X5M and X6M models, Bimmerpost noted. Those vehicles will also get 10.25-inch touchscreens, offering one of the largest native CarPlay interfaces.

The list moreover hints at possible wireless CarPlay support, referring to "wireless and convenient use of the iPhone in your vehicle via Apple CarPlay." This has been feasible since iOS 9 debuted last year, but has so far yet to make it into a shipping car.

Either way, CarPlay support is mentioned as arriving in the second half of 2016. BMW is still missing from Apple's official partner list, but that may have to wait for an announcement or the new vehicles actually shipping.

Although automakers were initially slow to support the standard, CarPlay is now available — or coming soon — from most major automakers, such as Ford, Honda, Chevrolet, Hyundai, Kia, and BMW's most direct rival, Mercedes-Benz. A greater issue for buyers has been cost, because many CarPlay-ready vehicles are mid- to high-end models, and/or require a package upgrade. Most models are also too new to reach people in the used market.