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UK supermarket giant Asda tests support for Apple Pay

Major U.K. supermarket chain Asda is currently in real-world testing of Apple Pay, despite its parent company, Walmart, not offering any compatibility whatsoever in North America.

The technology trial is taking place in "a few" locations, Asda said on Twitter, without specifying which ones. People messaging its support account suggested that Apple Pay is available in at least two stores — one in Ferring, England and the second in Aberdeen, Scotland.

In theory Asda could attempt a wider rollout by the end of the year, depending on its infrastructure progress. In the U.S. though some retailers have announced plans for Apple Pay and failed to deliver for months or even years, like Anthropologie and Forever 21.

Walmart recently launched Walmart Pay in the U.S. The QR-based system is less convenient than something like Apple Pay or Android Pay, but should eventually support those platforms in some manner.