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Sell your iPhone trade-in to BuyBackWorld ahead of Apple's iPhone 7 and grab a 10% cash bonus [u]

In anticipation of Apple's iPhone 7 announcement on Sept. 7, BuyBackWorld this week is offering an extended price lock and the industry's most aggressive cash payouts on iPad (up to $594) and iPhone trade-ins (up to $352) when you use an exclusive 10% bonus coupon. [Updated pricing 9/1/16]

iPhone trade-in value

As Apple's anticipated iPhone 7 announcement on Sept. 7 approaches, now is the time to trade in your used iPhone or iPad as historical data shows values slip the longer you wait. In fact, in years past, iPhone trade-in values typically drop up to 20 percent in the days leading up to the introduction of a new model —and decrease another 10 percent the month after on average.

To take advantage of BuyBackWorld's 10% cash bonus on any trade-in valued at $50 or more, simply use one of the pricing links below to access BuyBackWorld's website and then apply exclusive promo code APPLEINSIDER10 (by clicking the link next to the bullhorn icon that says "Enter a promotional code"). What's more, you'll have an extended price-lock of up to Oct. 1 before your trade-in must be dropped in the pre-paid shipping box and mailed into BuyBackWorld.

Payouts with 10% bonus on Apple trade-ins over $50

With the 10% bonus coupon (on devices valued over $50), BuyBackWorld is currently paying out the following for iPhones:

Update: Trade-in values continue to drop leading up to the anticipated iPhone 7 announcement. Cash payouts have decreased by roughly 10% on many iPhone models within the past 48 hours.

iPhone trade-in values (cash payouts)
Apple iPhone 6s Plus: Up to $352.00 *
Apple iPhone 6s: Up to $308.00 *
Apple iPhone 6 Plus: Up to $231.00 *
Apple iPhone 6: Up to $220.00 *
Apple iPhone SE: Up to $275.00 *
Apple iPhone 5s: Up to $121.00 *
Apple iPhone 5: Up to $77.00 *
* Prices shown are after 10% bonus coupon code APPLEINSIDER10 is applied.

BuyBackWorld is also offering cash payouts for iPads. Don't see your model? More iPad trade-in values can be found on BuyBackWorld's site.

iPad trade-in values (cash payouts)
Apple 12.9" iPad Pro: Up to $594.00 *
Apple 9.7" iPad Pro: Up to $550.00 *
Apple iPad Air 2: Up to $242.00 *
Apple iPad Air: Up to $192.50 *
Apple iPad 4: Up to $167.20 *
Apple iPad 3: Up to $95.70 *
Apple iPad mini 4: Up to $308.00 *
Apple iPad mini 3: Up to $176.00 *
Apple iPad mini 2: Up to $154.00 *
* Prices shown are after 10% bonus coupon code APPLEINSIDER10 is applied.

In addition to the devices listed above, BuyBackWorld also pays cash for MacBooks, iMacs, Apple Watches and accessories. Just supply the make, model and condition of the device you're looking to trade in to get an instant quote on BuyBackWorld's site.

How BuyBackWorld's service works

iPhone trade in value BuyBackWorld

To begin, first lock in your trade-in price by visiting BuyBackWorld's website, where you will be asked to assess the physical and operational condition of your device. A few days after locking in your price quote, a pre-paid shipping box will show up on your doorstep. You'll then have a grace period until October 1st before you need to pack the device securely in the box and drop it in the mail to reach BuyBackWorld. Alternately, you can use your own shipping box and simply print and affix a pre-paid shipping label from BuyBackWorld's website during the price lock process.

Once your device passes inspection, BuyBackWorld will send payment within two business days. If your price quote changes for any reason upon inspection, you'll receive an email and if you're not 100% satisfied, they'll return it to you for free (BuyBackWorld is known to be gentle when inspecting trades, however). Also, if you choose to lock in a price quote today but change your mind about sending in your device, that's fine too. There's no binding obligation. Similarly, if you were to ever lock in a price-lock on a trade-in and have it expire before you can submit your device, you can simply lock in a new offer.

Why use a buyback service?

Using a buyback service as opposed to selling your device on eBay or Craigslist has its advantages. First, there are no upfront costs since shipping a phone or tablet to BuyBackWorld, a leader in the buyback space, is free. You'll also get over 30 days (until October 1st) to send in your trade-in. For those purchasing an iPhone 7, this means you'll likely be able to keep your current device until your new iPhone ships. Factor in the amount of time it takes to set up, administer and deal with buyers on eBay or Craiglist, and the simplicity of a buyback service is even more appealing.

However, not all buyback programs offer cash for used devices. Apple's iPhone Trade-up program, for example, gives customers a store credit or Apple Store gift card for trades. BuyBackWorld, on the other hand, offers higher cash payouts in the form of a check, PayPal deposit, direct deposit or prepaid debit card. That means you're free to use the money to buy an iPhone 7 or anything else instead of being tied to one store. At press time, readers can get a cash payout of up to $423.50 for an iPhone 6s Plus or up to $379.50 for an iPhone 6s. It's worth noting that those who elect to be paid via a gift card will receive a 5 percent bonus for an even larger payout.

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