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DJI's Osmo Mobile swaps dedicated camera for iPhone to capture gimbal-stabilized shots

Just days after announcing the Osmo+, DJI on Thursday launched yet another handheld stabilizer, the Osmo Mobile, substituting a dedicated camera with a user's own smartphone.

The Mobile pairs via Bluetooth, and holds phones in a grip, which should work with any recent iOS or Android device with a width between 2.31 and 3.34 inches. In terms of iPhones, this ranges from the iPhone 5 through to the iPhone 6s Plus. Once locked in the gimbal offers the same stabilization found in other Osmo models and the company's aerial drones.

While shooting is partly dependent on the DJI Go app, the handle does offer controls for shooting, changing modes, and flipping between front and rear cameras. Advanced settings like ISO and shutter speed can be accessed via the iPhone's touchscreen.

The Mobile can be set to operate in four different orientations, including Standard, Portrait, Flashlight, and Underslung.

The app enables most of the same shooting functions as other Osmos, including ActiveTrack, motion timelapses, live streaming, and panoramas.

The Osmo Mobile's three-axis stabilization is claimed to increase precision down to 0.03 degrees of accuracy. Together with DJI SmoothTrack on its iOS app, users should be able to capture smooth shots directly on their iPhone.

Key features of the Osmo Mobile, according to DJI, include:

  • Three-axis stabilization
  • Intelligent SmoothTrack
  • User-friendly DJI GO App with powerful functions (including ActiveTrack, Motion Time lapse, Live Stream, Panorama, Long Exposure, Camera Settings)
  • Trigger control (double-tap for re-center, triple-tap to change between front and rear-end camera, long press for locking gimbal direction)
  • Different operation modes (Standard, Portrait, Flashlight and Underslung)
  • Bluetooth connection
  • 3.5-millimeter Charging/Upgrade Port

  • Compatible with DJI Osmo accessories

"DJI continues to revolutionize the way we capture and share memories," said Frank Wang, DJI CEO and founder. "The Osmo Mobile combines the best of DJI's beloved Osmo smart stabilization technology with the robust DJI GO app. This is a breakthrough, allowing smartphone users unprecedented control of and creative possibilities for their devices."

The Osmo Mobile is shipping today at a price of $299.