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Beats to skip Studio Wireless headphone update in 2016, report says

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Apple-owned Beats won't be updating its over-ear Studio Wireless headphones in 2016 due to a lack of battery life improvements, according to a report published Thursday.

Citing a source close to Apple, CNET reports Beats is not planning to release an update to its popular Studio Wireless headphone model anytime soon, adding that a 2016 model is apparently out of the question. Battery life improvements, or more specifically a lack thereof, are at the heart of Beats' decision.

Beats was able to squeeze out longer play times in its two latest wireless headphone models thanks to Apple's W1, a custom designed low-energy Bluetooth chip also incorporated into the company's upcoming AirPods product. The two W1-powered Beats models — Solo3 Wireless and PowerBeats3 Wireless — were introduced during Apple's iPhone 7 special event earlier this month. A neckband-style model called BeatsX and the entry-level EP also debuted during that launch.

Thanks to the W1 chip the Solo3 Wireless has three times the battery life of its Solo2 counterpart. The chip, however, can't offer the same results in the Studio Wireless due to that model's active noise cancelling technology.

With sales staying steady for the current Studio Wireless model, Apple isn't likely to rush the release of an updated Studio Wireless model.