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Apple to house 1,400 employees at London's restored Battersea Power Station starting in 2021

Photo credit: Alberto Pascual, via Wikipedia.

Consolidating a number of offices around London, Apple plans to open a new British headquarters inside an iconic decommissioned power station on the south bank of the River Thames.

The Battersea Power Station was first built in the 1930s, and though it stopped generating electricity as of 1983, the massive facility remains iconic. As such, developers are working to restore the giant brick building with four massive chimneys, which was featured on the cover of the Pink Floyd album Animals and was also featured in the film Help by The Beatles.

Apple currently has eight different offices around London, but the new Battersea Power Station site will allow the company to consolidate them and house 1,400 employees in the new London campus, according to the Evening Standard.

In a statement to the paper, Apple said the facility will open in 2021, and expressed excitement for calling home "one of the city's best-known landmarks." Apple will reportedly occupy all six floors of office space inside of the so-called "cathedral of power."

"This is a great opportunity to have our entire team working and collaborating in one location, while supporting the renovation of a neighborhood with rich history," the company said.

In addition to a significant corporate presence, Apple also has five retails stores in London, and the company hosts the annual Apple Music Festival in London's iconic Roundhouse venue. Last year, Apple invested in the Roundhouse, giving it an eco-friendly makeover with improvements to lighting, plumbing, HVAC, and the installation of recycling and composition bins.