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Apple reveals more international launch dates for iPhone 7 & Apple Watch Series 2

Apple on Friday confirmed more international launch dates for the iPhone 7 and the Apple Watch Series 2, making the announcements through its local websites and third-party vendors.

The iPhone 7 will arrive in Jordan and Oman on Oct. 15. Israel will get both the new iPhone and the Watch Series 2 on Oct. 20, while Maurice, Madagascar, Maroc, and Uganda will see the iPhone 7 on Oct. 21. That same day Apple will be releasing the iPhone 7 and the Watch Series 2 in Thailand.

Today the iPhone 7 is launching in India. The next batch of international iPhone rollouts is taking place Oct. 14, including Macao, Macedonia, Malaysia, Montenegro, and Turkey.

South Korea could be set for an Oct. 21 iPhone launch, but that date hasn't actually been confirmed.

Apple originally released the iPhone 7 in almost 30 regions on Sept. 16. Staggering international rollouts allows the company to cope with demand in its biggest markets first.