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AT&T adds iPhone screen repair service for monthly insurance plan subscribers

AT&T's Mobile Insurance plans are expanding, with a cracked screen repair service being added to the program for recent iPhones and three Android models —but at additional cost.

Apple's phones able to be serviced under the extension include the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, and iPhone SE. The cracked screen repair service is available to subscribers to Mobile Insurance, Multi-Device Protection Pack, Mobile Protection Pack for Business, and the vanilla Mobile Protection Pack service.

On top of the monthly fee, users must pay $89 for the service. Same-day screen repairs are performed in most areas and most situations, include a one-year warranty, and are done by Asurion-trained technicians.

The program is launching in 15 markets on November 15, in Allentown-Bethlehem, Penn.; Boston, Mass,; Chicago, Ill.; Los Angeles, Calif.; Miami-Fort Lauderdale, Fla.; Philadelphia, Penn - Wilmington, Del.; Pittsburgh, Penn.; Sacramento, Calif.; San Diego, Calif. San Fransisco - Oakland, Calif.; St. Louis, Mo.; Tampa-St. Petersburg, Fla.; and West Palm Beach, Fla. The program will expand to 29 more markets on Dec. 1.

AppleInsider has been told that the iPhone 7 line will be added to the program as soon as sufficient materials and training programs exist for the service. AT&T notes that it may use new or refurbished parts, and may not necessarily include parts manufactured by Apple in any of its repairs.

AT&T device insurance plans start at $8 per device, per month.