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Verizon debuts 5GB and 10GB prepaid data plans

On Monday, U.S. wireless carrier Verizon introduced two more plans for its prepaid smartphone customers, supplementing three existing options.

The new 5-gigabyte plan costs $50 per month, while 10 gigabytes is $70. The older options include 3 gigabytes for $45, 6 gigabytes for $60, or a Wi-Fi-only connection for $30.

Both of the new tiers offer unlimited talking and texting in the U.S., plus perks like LTE tethering, Carryover Data, and Always-On Data. Carryover means that unused data will roll over for one month, while Always-On just means that Verizon will throttle speeds to 128 kilobits if a person hits their data cap, instead of charging extra.

The 10 gigabyte plan, notably, is the only one of the two with unlimited calling to Canada and Mexico.

To sign up, eligible customers must agree to turn on automatic payments by default.