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Pokemon Go code reveals alleged hooks for soon-to-launch Apple Watch app

The Android version of Pokémon Go's code has been disassembled, with the common aspects of the app reportedly having some Apple Watch hooks already in place for future implementation into watchOS for the popular augmented reality game.

According to Pokémon enthusiast site The Silph Road, the most recent version of the Android code has changes behind the scenes that contains specific information for the Apple Watch.

Allegedly, many new references to watch faces, and corresponding interactions are showing, in addition to code to sync walking distance from the watch to the main app. No specific code attributable to HealthKit has been identified, beyond just the walking measurement hand-off.

Other tie-ins to the main app, such as the in-game Pokedex feature, have been spotted as well.

As of yet, there has been no announcement of Android Wear compatibility, and no rumors suggesting such functionality is being worked on. The Pokémon Go Plus wearable has no user-facing display, and does not need the abilities found in the code.

Early on Saturday, bogus rumors incorrectly claimed that the Apple Watch interface for Pokémon Go had been canceled. The reports were based on an apparently fake email published by a Reddit user, which was claimed to be from a Niantic developer, stating that the version shown in the Apple Keynote was an "unfinished port" and that development would continue if demand increased.

Shortly thereafter, some venues "confirmed" the report with sources allegedly familiar with the matter. However, not long after the "confirmations" were published, the official Pokémon Go Twitter account took to action and shot down the speculation, reiterating that the game is "coming soon."

Company representatives reaffirmed the tweet in a statement to Recode, adding that "Pokémon Go is still under development and has not been canceled."

Pokémon Go for the Apple Watch was originally slated to launch before the end of the year, but Niantic has not provided any updates to the launch window since September.