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Apple transitions App Store pricing to local currencies in 9 new countries

Poland's App Store now reflects app prices in local currency.

Apple this week is transitioning App Store pricing from the U.S. dollar and euro to the local currencies of nine countries, a change that in some locales equates to a small savings thanks to favorable exchange rates.

Announced through Apple's iTunes Connect resource page last week, the pricing changes came into effect on Wednesday in Poland, reports local blog ThinkApple.

In Poland, the zloty replaces the euro on Apple's digital storefronts, including the iOS and Mac App Stores, iTunes, iBooks Store. Local currency is also applied to services and subscriptions like iCloud and Apple Music.

According to the report, users will see a slight monetary benefit thanks to Apple's new currency conversion, at least for now. For example, most prices have been converted at a rate of 1 euro to approximately 4 zloty, lower than current rates offered by banks. Interestingly, App Store pricing is a bit more expensive at a rate of 1 euro to 4.58 zloty.

A complete list of the new price tiers can be downloaded from Apple's developer website.

Along with Poland, Apple is switching store currency in Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Romania over from euro pricing. At the same time, Chile, Colombia, Croatia and Peru are swapping to their local currency from the U.S. dollar.

Apple notes developer proceeds will be paid out in local currencies once the change takes effect.

The online services update comes almost six months after Apple transitioned Egypt, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Nigeria, Pakistan, the Philippines, Qatar, Tanzania and Vietnam to local currency pricing last year. Prior to the switch, content pricing in those countries was reflected in U.S. dollars.