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How to invoke Control Center and Notification Center on iPhone X

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With the iPhone X, Apple has by necessity switched up how to trigger both the Control and Notification Centers in iOS 11. Here's how to launch both.

On every other iOS device, the Notification Center is opened with a swipe down from anywhere along the top edge of the screen. Because of hardware and software changes however, that gesture has to be more precise on the iPhone X.

Instead owners should swipe down from the left "ear" of the display or just under the notch. In landscape mode, all of the top edge works apart from the upper-right corner.

The Control Center — which offers access to settings and widgets — is normally opened by swiping up from the bottom of a device, but here the problem is that the iPhone X uses a new gesture bar to control app switching and returning to the homescreen.

To open the Contol Center on an iPhone X, swipe down from the right ear in vertical orientation. In landscape view, swipe from the upper-right corner.

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