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'Final Fantasy XV:Pocket Edition' arriving on iOS February 9, 'Miitomo' shuttering in May

'Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition' is now available to pre-order from the iOS App Store ahead of a February 9 release, meanwhile Nintendo has announced plans to shut down its first smartphone-only app 'Miitomo' in May, just over two years after it launched in the United States.

Square Enix is bringing role-playing game "Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition" to iPhone and iPad on February 9, according to an App Store listing. Available to pre-order ahead of release, the "Pocket Edition" of the game is a remake of the version released on consoles, produced to work better with mobile devices by adding touch controls and a simplified art style.

The game will follow the same storyline as the console and PC releases, as well as containing all the main characters and core gameplay features. Interacting with the game has been streamlined, with players able to tap to move, talk, and fight through different encounters, leveling up their characters as they progress through the game.

According to the App Store listing, the game will support the iPhone 6s, fifth generation iPad, iPad Air 2, iPad mini 4, and later models, as well as all iPad Pro variants, running iOS 11.1 or later. Approximately 5 gigabytes of storage will be required, though a higher resolution version will also be available that will push the installation up to at least 8 gigabytes.

Square Enix plans to release "Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition" in ten chapters, all of which will be available at launch, with two different pricing structures offered. The game can be unlocked on a chapter-by-chapter basis, with the first chapter free, chapter 2 and 3 priced at $0.99 each, and the remainder for $3.99 apiece, or alternately all chapters can be unlocked with a single payment of $19.99.

Nintendo has warned users of its "Miitomo" app that it will be closing the online services associated with the game on May 9. Available in the U.S. since March 2016, following after a successful launch in Japan, the closure will take place just over two years after it became available to play in North America.

The gaming company's first foray into producing smartphone-only titles, "Miitomo" was billed as a "social experience" where users could create their own "Mii" avatar, or import an existing Mii from a Wii U or a 3DS. Once created, and friend connections added via contacts from Facebook and Twitter, the app would ask users questions and share their responses with others, in an attempt to spark conversations.

The notice on the official website advises the service will end at 12am PT (3am ET) on May 9th, with users informed of the closure after that time by an in-app message. Once closed, users will not be able to see answers or messages in the app, nor use items obtained within it.

The Mii character can be transferred over to a linked Nintendo Account, though its personality and other information will not be carried over, while Sidekick Mii characters can be moved to Mii Maker on the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U via a QR code ahead of the end of service. "Miitomo"-themed icons and clothing added to a Nintendo Account or used in the Super Mario Run game will not be usable after shutdown.

While Nintendo has ended sales of its "Miitomo" coins as of January 24, users will continue to enjoy daily login bonuses of coins and game tickets until the shutdown date, as part of "The Final Thank You Festival."