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Speaker Comparison: iPhone X vs. Samsung's Galaxy S9+

Last year we compared the speakers on the newly launched iPhone X to Samsung's then-current flagship and the iPhone destroyed in loudness, bass, mids, and highs. Will it do the same against the all new Galaxy S9+?

As we detailed in our iPhone X vs. Galaxy Note 8 comparison in November, Apple's use of iPhone's earpiece speaker to output stereo sound gave the handset an edge against Samsung's phablet. With the launch of the Galaxy S9 and 9 Plus, Samsung is punching back with its own dual speaker configuration identical to that of the iPhone X.

Even with a high quality microphone, it's hard to perfectly capture audio as you would hear it holding the phone in your hand.

In our tests, we found the iPhone X reproduced a full range of tones with clear mids that beat out Samsung's S9+. Bass reproduction was similar on both handsets, but the iPhone output sharper high tones, which may or may not be a good thing depending on your preference.

Overall, the S9+ is a bit louder, though it's hard to tell in the video since a good chunk of the extra volume comes from the down-firing loudspeaker as opposed to the earpiece. This arrangement is similar to Apple's iPhone 7 and 8 models, whereas the X uses its speakers more evenly.

This is the closest speaker comparison we have ever run, and both setups sound really great for smartphones.