Hands on: CordDock by ElevationLab for the iPhone

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CordDock by ElevationLab tries to solve one of the biggest headaches of iPhone docks; the inability to charge when you lift your phone from its perch.

This small, lightweight dock has a 90 angle Lightning cable that locks into the center of the CordDock. When you lift your phone, the cable comes with it, allowing you to continue to charge when it is and isn't on the dock.

The bottom has a familiar micro-suction pad that we've seen in the past (like on the ElevationDock 4). This allows the dock to be small, and light yet stays affixed to the table when you remove your phone. In the past, docks would usually be weighted to allow for one-handed use, but the micro-suction is a much more efficient way to do so.

CordDock is also quite adjustable, with two back plates that screw in and out, plus replaceable pads on the bottom to accommodate for different cases.

The included cable is not only special for the angled end, but it is also of a good length and nylon wrapped for durability. Like all of ElevationLab's other products, it is MFi certified to be sure it is safe for your phone.

We've only spent a short time with the CordDock, but it already feels right at home on our desk. It is pretty freeing to be able to effortlessly dock and un-dock your phone, continuing the charge the whole time. The only notable downside we've noted so far is the plastic body. It would be nice to see a more premium version with a metal body, but that would undoubtedly add to the price. The aluminum Apple iPhone dock just comes across so well, it would be nice to see third party options try something similar.

Stay tuned for our full review soon. If you'd like to pick one up for yourself, they are available on Amazon for $39.


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