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Spigen throwback cases pay homage to classic Apple designs

Spigen recently launched a new lineup of cases designed to transform iPhone X into iconic Apple hardware of yore. We got our hands on the limited edition accessories to see if they stay true to their retro inspirations or are just kitsch.

Spigen C1 iPhone X Case

The cases, which have two distinct designs, are throwbacks to the original iPhone and the iMac G3. As with the genuine article, the G3 versions are the most colorful, with several different tone combinations available.


Spigen C1 iPhone X Case

These iMac-inspired cases come in three parts. A silver TPU layer that wraps around the iPhone and two plastic layers that act as the colorful and opaque parts of the computer.

Most of the cases have the large, colorful portion on top with a semi-opaque white portion on the bottom. The multi-layer design produces an impressive depth effect, playing homage to Apple's candy-colored desktop.

Colors available include green, red, teal, grey, and white. If enough orders are received, Spigen has promised two additional colors of the CLASSIC C1 case.

Spigen C1 iPhone X Case Hello again

Inside the case is a script "hello (again)" imprint, referencing the iMac G3's onstage introduction in 1998.

Spigen Classic ONE iPhone X Case

Our favorite of the cases is probably the CLASSIC ONE model. It features a simple silver body with a black accent on the bottom that, when shrouding an iPhone X, makes Apple's most modern phone look like the first iPhone.


Design aside, it is important to examine how these cases actually protect your iPhone X. Spigen is using its patented "Air Cushion Technology" for drop protection. In the 516.6 Procedure IV "transit drop" test that the case passes according to Spigen, a phone is dropped in the case from four feet onto 2-inch plywood placed on top of concrete. It is dropped six times on its face, eight times on the corners, and 12 times on the edge for a total of 26 drops.

A small silver bezel also wraps around the fronts of the cases, which offers a bit of protection on the front of the phone, even if just placing it on a desk or table face down. We personally prefer a larger opening around the Lighting port and speakers, which guarantees compatibility with a wider variety of docks and mounts.

Both the CLASSIC ONE and the CLASSIC C1 are available now from Spigen on Indiegogo with a ship date in June. $25 will get you either case in a color of your choosing, while $35 will get you one of each. Spigen has models available for the iPhone X, as well as the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus.