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Costco rolls out Apple Pay support at all US locations

Costco recently completed a months-long nationwide rollout of Apple Pay, and as of Aug. 10, 750 of the company's big box stores support Apple's mobile payment platform at checkout.

In what started off as a limited run near the company's headquarters in Washington, Costco has rolled out Apple Pay integration to all of its stores, reports CNET. Costco branded gas stations have yet to receive similar attention, though support is coming soon.

"We've added additional mobile payment options to make your next visit more convenient," Costco said in a statement issued to MacRumors. "Costco members can now use Apple Pay, Google Wallet and Samsung Pay at U.S. Costco locations."

With Apple Pay, shoppers will are able to tap-to-pay using their iPhone or Apple Watch. Holders of Costco-branded Citi cards, which also acts as a membership card, can process their payments through that bank's service.

Costco is the latest expansion to a growing list of Apple Pay adoptees, with several other U.S. retail chains rolling out support later this year. Both longtime holdout CVS and 7-Eleven were announced during Apple's quarterly results in July. Germany will also be getting Apple Pay by year's end.

Beyond brick-and-mortar stores, Apple Pay Cash peer-to-peer payments has been growing in popularity. Consumer Reports recently crowned Apple Pay the winner in a head to head showdown of mobile peer-to-peer payment platforms, beating out the likes of Venmo and Square.

This is all good news for Apple, which has seen its Services division, in which Apple Pay is lumped, continue to significantly increase revenue. Services saw growth of 31-percent during the third quarter of 2018, with revenue of $9.5 billion.