Apple doing 'outreach' to address weak LTE for some iPhone XS & XS Max owners

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Apple is reaching out to some iPhone XS and XS Max owners suffering from LTE connection problems, which have been ongoing since the devices shipped in September.

Those affected by the issue have encountered weaker connections than with earlier iPhones, even devices as recent as 2017's iPhone 8 and X. The problem is inconsistent however, as some other XS owners have seen no trouble, or even improvements.

"Apple just reached out to me to see if I could answer some questions about my XS Max reception issues," Twitter user Devin Meredith wrote on Wednesday, adding that "they're doing an outreach to some affected users and are asking to install a baseband logger to track my connection to the tower."

The root of the problem is uncertain. While hardware defects are a possibility, it could also be a software glitch, whether in iOS or carrier firmware. Apple has pushed out software updates for similar issues in the past.

Sources inside Apple not authorized to speak on behalf of the company have confirmed to AppleInsider that there is a "limited data collection effort" in progress.

Apple is already testing iOS 12.1, which could include related fixes. If the issue is deemed serious enough however, the company could push out a smaller interim fix.

The current outreach was first highlighted by MacRumors.