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iTunes that can manage apps updated, but incompatible with macOS Mojave

Apple has updated a new forked version of iTunes for organizations that still need desktop-based app installation, but adoption may be limited, since the software doesn't work with macOS Mojave.

Links to iTunes have been added to an Apple support document focused on how to deploy apps via iTunes instead of using Configurator and the Volume Purchase Program. Versions are available for the Mac, and 32- and 64-bit versions of Windows.

Apple warns that users — mostly enterprise customers — who download this edition of iTunes will have to update manually, and won't get technical support. The company also specifically notes that this update is incompatible with the new operating system, casting some doubt that it will ever be updated for macOS Mojave.

iTunes incompatibility with macOS Mojave

The App Store has been absent from the mainstream edition of iTunes since version 12.7 in September 2017, requiring most users to find and download apps directly from their iPhone or iPad. Apple's enterprise tools make it possible to push apps without iTunes, but some organizations may want to distribute apps offline for security or privacy reasons.

Installing iTunes will over-write later releases, such as the aforementioned iTunes 12.7, all the way through the current version.