Chinese consumer group demands Apple compensate stolen Apple ID owners

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The China Consumer Association is calling on Apple to fully compensate people who lost money as a result of stolen iCloud accounts, arguing the company is downplaying a recent security breach.

"Apple should not shift the blame, play down its own safety issues and divert consumers' attention," the group said according to Reuters. The issue is said to be generating heavy media attention, ranking as one of the most popular topics on social network Weibo.

In apologizing for the incident earlier this week, Apple claimed that a "small number of our users' accounts were accessed through phishing scams where two-factor authentication was not enabled," placing responsibility on the victims. Affected people had money stolen from their Alipay accounts, and Apple noted that it saw a surge in "false and fraudulent refund claims trying to take advantage of this incident."

Apple declined to comment further on the Reuters report, referring back to its earlier comments, in which it noted that it was talking to "relevant consumer agencies and listening to customer feedback about those changes."

Apple has yet to say exactly how many people were impacted by the matter, and how much money was lost. Social media posts, though, suggest that some people lost hundreds of dollars.


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