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Target may be ready to concede and enable Apple Pay at retail

One of the biggest U.S. retail holdouts for Apple Pay, Target, may be preparing to launch official support at its stores in the near future.


The technology is already working at the Metreon location in San Francisco, some posters on Twitter have claimed. Another noted that while they didn't try Apple Pay, they were able to use a contactless card, which only works with NFC-enabled terminals.

Target has so far resisted not just Apple Pay but any NFC-based mobile payment option for its stores. Shoppers can use Apple Pay in the Target iOS app, but at retail the closest equivalent is a scannable barcode in the app.

The Twitter anecdotes were first highlighted by 9to5Mac.

It is possible that the Metreon store has simply enabled NFC by accident, but merchants will often test Apple Pay on a small scale before official rollouts. Target has also been under public pressure to support the platform, given the popularity of the iPhone and Apple Watch in the U.S.

Target has some 1,850 stores nationwide, and is where many Americans do weekly shopping for clothes, groceries, and other necessities. It also sells some Apple products, such as iPhones.