Paul McCartney and Emma Stone anti-bullying short film 'Who Cares' debuts on Apple Music

Paul McCartney and Emma Stone in "Who Cares"

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Paul McCartney and Emma Stone have teamed up for a new short film based on McCartney's anti-bullying song "Who Cares," which debuted as an Apple Music exclusive on Monday.

The video, features McCartney and Stone cavorting through minimalist hand-drawn black and white backgrounds. The video was directed by Brantley Guitierrez and choreographed by Ryan Heffington, the former of which has worked with McCartney many times on his tours.

The feature starts off with McCartney hypnotizing a rain-soaked Stone who falls into a trance. As the music kicks in, it moves to a surreal environment with Stone in harlequin-inspired makeup. The video is meant to be the kickoff for a new anti-bullying campaign, shared on social media with the hashtag #WhoCaresIDo.

Creation of the "Who Cares" short was led by Creative Visions CEO Kathy Eldon, reports Variety.

"We need a shift in consciousness to make 2019 a year of caring," Eldon said.

McCartney and Stone filmed the creative undertaking over two days in October, which was difficult to coordinate with the megastars' busy schedules and limited availability.