Tim Cook promotes 'Chronicles of San Francisco' exhibit and iOS app

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Apple's Cook has extolled a "moving masterpiece" by artist JR which is a mural depicting around 1,200 people filmed in San Francisco. The exhibition is accompanied by an exquisite iPhone app.

Tim Cook has tweeted about what he calls a "must see," an exhibition and iPhone app called 'The Chronicles of San Francisco' by artist JR. It's a very large and wide mural depicting a black and white image of the city with almost 1,200 people — and every one of them is moving.

"The Chronicles of San Francisco mural is a moving masterpiece by my good friend @JRart," tweeted Cook, "adding a new dimension to his work. Everyone has a story and JR brings them to life. Congratulations, JR!"

JR:murals, the accompanying free iPhone app is an interactive one. You can point it at any person in the mural — whether you're in the exhibition itself, seeing the images in the official book or even just pointing at the image above. Once you've picked someone, you see the original solo photo of them and you can hear their interview.

You can point the app at any depiction of the mural, whether in the exhibition hall or just on a screen, and see much more

The exhibition runs from May 23, 2019 to April 27, 2019 in the Roberts Family Gallery on Floor 1 of the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.

Tim Cook's tweet was first spotted by 9to5mac.


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