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DuckDuckGo announces new Apple MapKit fueled search improvements

Search provider DuckDuckGo is dramatically expanding their use of Apple Maps for better searching with the same commitment to privacy.

Privacy-centric DuckDuckGo has released a set of updates they've made to their search engine utilizing Apple's MapKit JS framework.

There is now a dedicated "maps" tab in DuckDuckGo for all queries, rather than queries that the engine had determined to be map related. This allows users to search an ambiguous query such as "cupcakes" or "coffee" and easily find a list of bakeries and coffee shops without re-entering a more specific search term.

Searching now allows users to stay in the expanded map view with each additional search. Prior to this, when re-querying a search like "restaurant," the engine would return the user to a regular search page. Panning and zooming on a map page will also enable users to update the search only within the field of view for more refined searching.

Local autocomplete narrows down searches

DuckDuckGo has also introduced local autocomplete. Users who search in the expanded map view will now be dynamically shown suggestions based on the area displayed on their device, rather than a general list of places that match the user's query.

DuckDuckGo dark mode map

Lastly, DuckDuckGo has introduced dark mode to their maps as well, citing that it offers a more coherent look to their engine, in addition to offering users the ability to partake in "glare-free searching at night."

DuckDuckGo is one of the first global companies using Apple MapKit JS.

DuckDuckGo has continued to assure users that their privacy is first and foremost when using their service, as data protection has become a growing concern in recent years. Not only have companies like DuckDuckGo taken up the mantle to protect users data, Apple itself has begun highlighting its stance on user protection.