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Apple warns developers of upcoming App Store Connect outage

Apple has alerted developers to an upcoming maintenance period for the Apple Store's tools and services, with access to App Store Connect and the Developer ID notary service set to be unavailable for up to eight hours on Sunday.

In a notice on Apple's Developer site, Apple warns of "upcoming scheduled maintenance" that will take place on October 20. The maintenance period will start from 6am Pacific Time, 9am Eastern, and depending on how work progresses, could last for up to eight hours.

The services that will not be available during the outage will be App Store Connect via a browser, the App Store Connect app, and the App Store Connect API. The Developer ID notary service will also be unavailable while work is being carried out.

The maintenance window will only affect developer services, while all consumer-facing elements like the App Store itself are anticipated to operate as normal during the period. Certificates, Identifiers, and Profiles will remain available throughout the window.

Apple offers an apology in the post "for any inconvenience" and suggests developers "make critical deliveries or changes on another day."

Developers wanting to monitor progress of work for the tools and services can check the real-time System Status page for updates on when elements become available to use once again.