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Sonos ends 'Recycle Mode' for legacy products after consumer backlash

The first generation Sonos Play:5

Sonos' Trade Up program will continue to offer discounts to customers with older wireless speakers from the company, but won't require customers to brick their products to participate.

Sonos is ending support for some of its oldest products in May. In an attempt to keep customers, the company has been attempting to encourage legacy product owners to participate in its Trade Up program.

Initially, the Trade Up program required users to put their devices in "Recycle Mode," a mode that permanently bricked the devices so they could not connect to a home network or other Sonos gear.

Sonos has now changed the requirements for the program. Customers will no longer need to brick their devices and to participate in the Trade Up program, according to Engadget.

The company will continue to honor the 30% off discount for any customer who validates a legacy product's serial number. Afterward, they're free to do whatever they want with the devices, including keeping them for years to come.

Sonos had also announced that while legacy products won't be getting new features, the company would continue to provide bug fixing and security patches for "as long as possible."

The legacy products affected are the original Zone Players, Connect, and Connect:Amp (launched in 2006; includes versions sold until 2015), first-generation Play:5 (launched 2009), CR200 (launched 2009), and Bridge (launched 2007).

Sonos is also working on a solution to split user devices into two groups, "modern" and "legacy," so that both can coexist in the home. Modern products will work together and receive the latest software features, while older products are separated into their own group but remain "in their current state."