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Apple declares iPhone 5c a 'vintage' product, limits support

Apple this week updated its list of "vintage" and "obsolete" devices to include iPhone 5c, effectively restricting aftermarket support programs for the seven year old handset.

According to Apple's continuously updated support document, iPhone 5c was deemed "vintage" on Nov. 2.

Apple defines "vintage" products as devices that have not been sold for more than five and less than seven years ago.

The iPhone 5c debuted in 2013 as an affordable option to then-current iPhone 5S flagships. Built into a polycarbonate casing, the handset borrowed much of its internals — save for a larger battery — from iPhone 5.

Apple's entry-level handset remained in rotation until 2015. A subsequent affordable model, the first iPhone SE, was unveiled in 2016.

With iPhone 5c now considered vintage, the smartphone is eligible for repair through Apple Stores and authorized repair facilities as long as parts are available. Prolonged support might available in regions that require such measures by law.

The Cupertino tech giant regularly adds older devices to its running list of vintage and obsolete products. In May, select MacBook Air and MacBook Pro models were deemed obsolete, while the original iPad mini hit the list in July.