Apple's latest Mac ad targets new college students

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Apple on Monday aired a new commercial that shows high school graduates opening their college acceptance letters on Mac.

Part of the "Behind the Mac" campaign, today's ad features clips capturing the moment students from a variety of backgrounds opened emailed acceptance letters on MacBook. The soon-to-be collegians celebrate surrounded by friends and family.

Like previous spots, Mac is not the central focus of the commercial, but its presence onscreen illustrates the role it plays in each student's respective life.

The 30-second short was posted to the homepage alongside a link to the company's dedicated education webpage for college students. There, the tech giant touts a range of products — from iPad to Mac Pro — that are available to students at discounted pricing.

Apple's "Behind the Mac" series first aired in 2018 with a spot highlighting the hardware's popularity with creatives. Subsequent commercials focused on use by celebrities.

A type of customer testimonial, the ads are expertly crafted to show, not tell, Mac's ability to augment, enhance and facilitate the creative process.