The annual Pokemon Go Fest 2021 has started

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The 2021 Pokemon Go Fest is underway today and Sunday July 18 — and tickets are cheaper than before at only $5 per participant.

The digital Pokemon Go Fest event brings new in-game challenges, rewards, and exclusive first access to mythical Pokemon to catch. The event will have free tasks for players, but the $5 ticket will bring several additional tasks and items.

The 2021 Pokemon Go Fest is sponsored by Google Play and participants on Android will have special perks. All players will be able to buy a ticket for $5 and have access to all of the event features, and Android users will get an exclusive sponsored gift during the event.

The event is July 17 and July 18 from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM local time. All event bonuses and missions will only appear during these hours.

Both days of the event will feature the following perks for all users during event hours:

  • Featured photos using #PokemonGoFest2021
  • Lure modules last three hours
  • Music from Pokemon music producer Junichi Masuda will play in the app
  • Half hatch distance when eggs are in the incubator
  • 7 km eggs hatch Igglybuff, Chingling, Audino, and more
  • Event-exclusive research tasks
  • Ticket holders will get special event stickers when spinning PokeStops or opening gifts. The Pokemon called "Unown F" and "Unown G" will be attracted to incense, and may be shiny.

    The event is music based and Pokemon appearing in the event will be related to music throughout each day. All players will experience hourly habitat changes, special raids, and see new Pokemon debut in the game.

    The July 17 event is based on a new Pokemon Research event that let players choose between Pikachu Rock Star or Pikachu Pop Star variants — the choice will affect the background music that will play. Ticket holders will be able to complete the special research event and collect special rewards and encounter a mythical Pokemon.

    The July 18 event is focused on raids, and all event Pokemon from the first day of the event will continue to appear frequently. Ticket holders will earn extra experience from raid battles, and raid passes can be generated from spinning gym photo discs.

    Pokemon Go players can buy their tickets in the app. The tickets are only $4.99, reduced from the previous $14.99 price.

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