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Apple begins crackdown on leakers from China

Apple begins crackdown on leakers in China

Known leakers Kang and Duan Rui both say that Apple has sent letters demanding that they stop revealing details of future products, and warning of legal action in China if they don't.

According to social media posts, Apple's letters demand that the leakers can't disclose information about unreleased products since this may mislead potential customers, and give competitors an advantage. Apple has also reportedly demanded that leakers must refrain from posting any images and cannot refer to posts as dreams or riddles since these are still seen as leaks.

According to a Weibo post from Kang, the letter from Apple warns that leaks will not be tolerated in any form. Kang himself was presented with screenshots of his Weibo account posts showing release dates and purchase suggestions as evidence.

Kang says, as a result, he "won't post riddles and dreams in the future." He warns other bloggers that Apple will be auditing posts and anything that is posted about unreleased products could be seen as "infringement and abuse of commercial information."

No one has posted a copy of the letter, and what was learned of the letter came from a translated social media post. It is likely that the letter is a cease and desist order from Apple sent to all known leakers in China.

Kang, Duan Rui, L0vetodream, and others from China have proven to be reliable sources for leaks, however if their sources have been compromised then leaks from these characters may slow or stop altogether. There will always be more leakers, but Apple seems to be trying everything in its power to stop information from getting out.

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