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Biden Big Tech anti-competition order imminent, will call for return of net neutrality

Credit: White House

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A new Executive Order will contain multiple measures aimed at protecting the ability of small businesses to compete against Big Tech firms, including asking the FCC to restore net neutrality.

Following his asking the FTC to step up right-to-repair regulations, President Biden is now also to require the commission and other bodies to increase their anti-competition role.

According to CNBC, the President is introducing 72 new anti-competition measures in an Executive Order due to be signed Friday, July 9.

"The impulse for this Executive Order is really around where can we encourage greater competition across the board," Brian Deese, White House chief economic advisor, told CNBC. "[Big Tech platforms have] created significant problems... [including] problems for users in terms of privacy and security, [and] for small businesses in terms of entering markets."

Among the 72 measures, the FTC is to be asked to:

  • "Challenge prior bad mergers"
  • Ban occupational licensing restrictions
  • Ban or limit non-compete agreements
  • Draft new rules on data collection and surveillance practices

At the same time, the Federal Communications Commission is to be encouraged to:

  • Restore net neutrality
  • Block exclusivity deals between landlords and broadband providers

The Executive Order will also establish a "White House Competition Council," to lead federal responses to the growing economic power of large corporations.

"[This] is not just about monopolies," said Deese, "but it's about consolidation more generally and the lack of competition when you have a limited set of market players."

The new Executive Order directing the FTC comes shortly after the Federal Trade Commission confirmed Lina Khan as its new chair.

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