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After bizarre Apple Music Event, Kanye West's 'Donda' is still not streaming

Kanye West

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Apple Music held a live-streamed listening party for Kanye West's new "Donda" album, but West came two hours late, said nothing — and the album is still absent.

Apple Music held a rare live event to promote artist Kanye West's tenth album, and it was a sell-out success, in terms of Atlanta's Mercedes-Benz Stadium being filled. In every other way, however, it was bizarre even by West's standards.

About 42,000 people in the stadium and an unknown number of listeners on Apple Music waited around 110 minutes for West to appear. His album was played after arrival, and West walked around the stage listening to its full 48 minutes.

He didn't perform, didn't speak, and certainly didn't stick around. Once the album finished playing, West simply left.

Apple Music's link to the livestream is still active, but with no footage. The album has not been released on Apple Music, nor seemingly anywhere else. The official launch date is July 23, so it may appear later in the day.