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Apple cancels OLED display for 2022 iPad Air

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Apple has reported cancelled a project with Samsung to develop an OLED display for the 2022 iPad Air, because of cost, brightness, and durability problems.

Apple was previously reported to be planning an iPad Air update with OLED screens for 2022, with the iPad Pro getting it in 2023. Now it's claimed that at least the iPad Air date is in doubt, as Apple is not satisfied with Samsung's progress in developing the screen.

According to The Elec, Apple has called off the Samsung project. Unnamed sources told the publication that the reason is to do with how Samsung was aiming to produce a single-stack OLED panel, where Apple wants a two-stack tandem structure.

From Apple's perspective, a single-stack is not bright enough, and it also may not have a sufficient lifespan for how long people tend to hold on to their iPads. A two-stack system, by comparison, doubles the possible brightness.

It's not known what lifespan a single stack OLED panel would be expected to get, but the sources say a two-stack system extends the lifespan by up to four times.

From Samsung's perspective, the costs of a two-stack system are reportedly not viable unless the iPad Air would be sold for a long time.

The OLED iPad Pro models may yet be released in 2023 as expected. According to The Elec, the OLED technology planned for those models was already different to that intended for the iPad Air.