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Apple Music arrives on PlayStation 5

Playstation 5 gains Apple Music

Sony Playstation 5 gamers with an Apple Music subscription can now listen to the service's 90 million tracks before, during, or after gaming.

As previously expected, Apple has now brought Apple Music to the Playstation 5. As well as the music tracks available, the consoles can show music videos in 4K, plus stream Apple Music Radio.

"For those of you who love listening to music in addition to playing games, we are pleased to announce that Apple Music is launching on PS5," said Erin Metzger, Director of Product Management, Sony Interactive Entertainment, in a statement.

"[This is] the first gaming console to introduce an integrated Apple Music experience," she continued, "bringing their expansive music catalog to PS5 players globally."

Apple Music is now an app on the console, available via the Media space on PS5.

However, it can also be started during a game. If accessed during gameplay, Apple Music will offer "recommendations that match the game they are playing."