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Apple iCloud caused some services to be slow or unavailable for four hours on Tuesday

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Apple was having issues with its iCloud servers, with many users reporting that they cannot access Messages, Apple Music, files, and more.

Social media reports show emergent issues with several iCloud services. For example, users have reported being logged out of their iCloud accounts or unable to access anything stored on iCloud servers.

AppleInsider confirmed at least some iCloud services are slow or unavailable, though it seems to be somewhat sporadic. Some staffers could access certain services, such as viewing files stored on iCloud on one device but not on another. Some have been able to access services, such as Apple Music, on an iPhone, but not on a Mac.

Apple's System Status page began reporting issues, showing that iCloud Backup, iCloud Mail, and Photos as currently unavailable to some users. The page suggests that Apple may have learned about the issue as early as 6:15PM ET, though it was not registered on the System Status page until 8:25PM ET.

Update: At 9:20PM ET, Apple added four new issues to the System Status page, noting outages for Game Center, iCloud Web Apps, iCloud Storage Upgrades, and iMessage.

Update: By 11:13PM, Apple listed five services as being restored, including iCloud Backup, iCloud Mail, iCloud Storage Upgrades, iCloud Web Apps, and Photos. The only remaining service experiencing outages currently is Game Center.

Update: By 11:40pm, Apple reported that it had resolved all ongoing issues with services.