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Donald Trump's 'Truth Social' launches app on Apple's App Store

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Intended to rival Twitter, Donald Trump's "Truth Social" platform is now available in the App Store, though users report errors and problems creating accounts.

Following Twitter, Facebook and Instagram banning the former president from their platforms, Trump is launching his own. Despite "Truth Social" reportedly being delayed until March, however, the new service launched its app on the App Store on Sunday, February 21, 2022.

According to CNET, early users have complained about error messages while trying to create their accounts. Forbes magazine says some users successfully created an account, but were then told they are on a waitlist "due to massive demand."

The "Truth Social" app is currently only available in the US. It says that its aim is to be "a social media platform that is free from political discrimination."

It has previously been reported that the "Truth Social" platform's launch may be delayed until March. The SEC is currently investigating a merger between the platform's parent firm and a special purpose acquisition company.