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Three new Beats Studio Buds colors are rumored to be coming soon

Following a report naming new colors for the Beats Studio Buds, a new leak claims to show marketing images with all three new versions.

Apple's Beats Studio Buds wirelesss earbuds were launched in June 2021, and now the range is to be refreshed with three new colors. The names "Moonlight Grey," "Ocean Blue," and "Sunset Pink" have previously been reported, but now there are images.

German site WinFuture claims that these are official marketing images, and says that local retailers are already beginning to list the new colors, albeit without a shipping date. There is no indication yet of when the new colors may launch.

Previously, the Beats Studio Buds were issued in red, white, and black editions. It's not known yet whether the new range will replace the original colors, or just add to the variations available.

The Beats Studio Buds are wireless earphones with active noise cancellation. The Buds also drop the over-ear hook that its predecessors have, and instead rely on a silicone eartip to rest against the ear canal and stay in place.