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Armed thieves perform daytime raid of Covent Garden Apple Store

Armed thieves stormed the Apple Store in Covent Garden, London on Sunday, stealing goods as well as the possessions of customers visiting the outlet.

Occurring during the day at 1PM on Sunday, police were summoned to the Covent Garden Apple Store, following reports of theft. Witnesses say a group of thieves pushed into the store, grabbing whatever they could before quickly exiting.

The thieves took goods including iPhones and iPads, but also stole from customers visiting the store, reports the Daily Mail. "I'm not sure if people were hurt, but customers had their phones and belongings snatched from them so I'm sure there was a scuffle during that," a witness explained.

After securing the goods, the thieves split up and ran away from the location in different directions.

The Metropolitan Police confirmed the reports that a "group of males had forced their way into" the store, and that "Some of the group were reported to have been carrying weapons." However, the police say there were no reports of physical injuries during what was "an understandably scary experience for staff and customers."

Despite being allegedly armed, the group still faced opposition from the public, with video showing one member of the public and a security team member chasing one of the thieves carrying a helmet.

An Apple spokesperson told the report the safety and security of its customers and employees is the top priority of the company, and that it is supporting authorities with the investigation. "We also thank our team members for everything they do to support our customers and each other," the spokesperson added.

Anyone in the UK with information about the incident can call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111. Alternately, they can also call 101 in the UK, quoting reference number 3815/17JUL.