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Google patches seventh zero-day exploit in Chrome in 2022

Google Chrome is an alternative browser to Safari

A critical Google Chrome update for the Mac and Windows desktop browsers is available that addresses an actively exploited vulnerability.

Chrome users should update to version 107.0.5304.87 for Mac and version 107.0.5304.87/.88 for Windows as soon as possible to patch against a known active exploit. To update Chrome on Mac:

  1. Launch the Chrome browser
  2. Click on the icon for More — three vertical dots - at top right
  3. Choose Help
  4. Click on About Google Chrome
  5. If it appears, click on Update Google Chrome

Note that if you have already updated to the latest available version then there won't be an Update Google Chrome button.

This latest patch follows reports suggesting Google Chrome is the most vulnerable browser in 2022.

According to a report from Bleeping Computer, this is Chrome's seventh zero-day vulnerability fix since the start of the year. It patches a bug associated with CVE-2022-3723, which is described as a type confusion bug in the Chrome V8 Javascript engine.

Google didn't provide much information about the bug or how it was exploited for security reasons. Users should update their Chrome browser to ensure they are protected from the latest vulnerabilities.

This update follows an update released on September 2, which also addressed a zero-day vulnerability. It isn't clear how widespread active exploits are, but users should update regardless.