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Finance tracker Mint finally gains Apple Card support

Add Apple Card to Mint

Users of the Mint app can add Apple Card as an official account to track transactions.

Budget tracking apps require special logins in order to obtain transaction data, and Apple Card did not enable such access — until now. In a much-wanted updated, users of the Mint application can now sign into their Apple ID to view and categorize transactions to get a more complete budget.

The login process is straightforward. Users go to the add accounts view and select Apple Card, then log in using their Apple ID. To ensure the best results, turn off ad blockers in the browser view with the Aa button.

Once authorized, Apple Card transactions will automatically populate the Mint app.

Apple does say Mint will need to be re-authorized access every 90 days. Also, users can revoke access to their Apple Card at any time via the Apple ID website.

This is a vastly improved workflow. Previously, it was possible to use Apple Card data in budget apps, but it required manually exporting statements and then importing them.