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Native Union's new foldable Mac & iPad stand can fit just about anywhere

Fold Laptop Stand

Native Union's new Fold Laptop Stand for MacBooks and iPads cuts down on space with a minimalist design that improves air circulation.

The unique, foldable structure of the product elevates MacBooks or iPads at a 15-degree viewing angle. It's made of aluminum and offers non-slip silicone pads for stability.

The angle should help release strain on shoulders and necks to create a comfortable and healthy working environment. The thin design is excellent for device cooling through air circulation, and it folds flat to carry inside a purse or backpack easily.

It's compatible with all 13-inch to 16-inch MacBooks and all 10.2-inch to 16-inch tablets, supporting up to 6.6 pounds of weight.

Pricing & Availability

The Fold Laptop Stand from Native Union is available to purchase for $39.99. It comes with a carrying pouch to prevent scratching while on the move.