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Victrola Stream Onyx plays vinyl through Sonos smart speakers

Victrola Stream Onyx

At the 2023 CES Victrola expanded its turntable catalog, with the Stream Onyx able to pipe audio from records through Sonos speakers.

A continuation from the existing Stream turntable lineup, the second-iteration Stream Onyx is an upgrade from the Victrola Stream Carbon in build materials. Made from aluminum, plastic, and MDF, the turntable has premium metal turntable components inside a low-resonance plinth.

Accompanying the illuminated control knob is an aluminum tonearm with a custom-designed removable headshell, and an adjustable counterweight to allow for the correct downforce for dynamic frequency response and increased clarity. A premium cartridge is used for a high-fidelity sound.

The main attraction for this turntable is that it is a verified Works with Sonos product. Without requiring any extra equipment, the Stream Onyx can be connected to an existing in-home Sonos speaker network, either wirelessly over Wi-Fi or using the built-in Ethernet connection.

The Victrola Stream companion app for iOS, as well as Android, can quickly set up and connect the two-speed, belt-driven turntable to a Sonos system. Once connected, the Stream Onyx then fully integrates with the Sonos app, including enabling the control knob to provide a tactile volume control for the entire Sonos system and select playback groups.

While Sonos connectivity is nice, if you happen to have a traditional pair of stereo speakers on hand, it also includes RCA outputs.

Available for preorder in the U.S. on January 7 from Amazon and, the Victrola Stream Onyx will cost $599 and ship in February.

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