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'Mighty DOOM' top-down shooter coming to iPhone March 21

'Mighty DOOM' launches March 21

"Mighty DOOM" is a run-and-gun Rogue-like adaptation of the popular franchise built for iPhone.

"DOOM" is a Bethesda property that's been reborn multiple times throughout the years, and now it's coming to mobile. The new game, called "Mighty DOOM," is a tongue-in-cheek adaptation using cutesy art to depict the demonic characters.

It has been in development for years, as the first public beta arrived on Android devices in Canada and New Zealand on April 12, 2021. Critics have panned the game as a cash grab, according to the DOOM Wiki, as it makes many departures from the franchise it is based on.

Developed by Alpha Dog Games and published by Bethesda Softworks, the game is a top-down, run-and-gun, rogue-lite shooter with simple controls for mobile. Gameplay centers around collecting power-ups and aiming the Mini Slayer's weapons in the right direction while dodging obstacles.

"Mighty DOOM" will feature in-app purchases and paid upgrades. It launches on March 21, but those interested can pre-register via Bethesda's website. It is not yet visible on the App Store.