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BodyGuardz iPhone Camera Protector review: Strong & stylish

BodyGuardz iPhone 14 Camera Protector

4.0 / 5

The BodyGuardz iPhone 14 Camera Protector is an affordable and stylish way to protect your iPhone's camera.

Many phone accessory businesses exist solely to protect the shiny aluminum rectangle in your hand. However, as protective glass technology improves, iPhone camera protectors have become a smart choice for those wishing to keep their cameras pristine.

Coming in space black, gold, and deep purple, it's color-matched for every iPhone 14 to seamlessly fit onto your phone. The installation process is straightforward, and each box has an alignment template, microfiber cloth, cleaning wipe, and dust removal sticker.

After cleaning, peeling off the back of the template, placing it, and applying pressure for 30 seconds, you're all set to go.

On a day-to-day basis, the protector does a good job of protecting from minor scratches or dust buildup. No damage was seen from repeated drops or even placing the phone on a rough surface.

As far as picture quality, the glass does not interfere at all. In fact, we felt the picture quality improved with less dust and fingerprints smudging the lenses.

The protector is made of aluminum and BodyGuardz's special Pure glass, which they claim to be four times stronger than regular glass. We received three camera protectors, and we took one to the test.

After taking them out of the alignment template, around two hammer strikes break the protectors, which is to be expected. On their own, the aluminum crumples easily, which shatters the glass it's framed in, but the whole point is to be additional protection on top of the actual camera module of the iPhone.

Striking the protector on the side quickly breaks the frame and glass, but it holds up well head-on.

We found that when struck head-on, the glass held up surprisingly well, which is where BodyGuardz's engineering comes in. The idea is that when you drop your iPhone on some particularly rough concrete, the protector can shield against direct impact and stick to the rest of the phone for shock support.

The lens protectors are easily broken on their own, but the iPhone supplements their strength.

Camera protectors must be strong, non-disruptive to photography, and pleasing to the eye. BodyGuardz maintains this balance well and for a low cost.

Affordable and effective

If you're serious about iPhone photography, a camera protector is a must-have accessory. For only $20, BodyGuardz offers a camera protector that integrates itself onto your iPhone setup without any hassle and safeguards it with its latest glass technology.

Even with our testing revealing the relative weakness of the protectors on their own, their performance on the phone reveals their strengths. Overall, it's a smart acquisition for any iPhone 14 owner who cares about their lens.

BodyGuardz iPhone 14 Camera Protector Pros

  • Color-matched and seamless installation
  • No interference with picture quality, great dust protector
  • Made of strong aluminum and Pure glass, shields against direct impact and shock

BodyGuardz iPhone 14 Camera Protector Cons

  • Lens protectors aren't strong on own
  • Aluminum frame breaking leads to broken glass

Rating: 4 out of 5

The BodyGuardz iPhone 14 Camera Protector is available on the BodyGuardz store for $19.99. In addition, it has a page on Amazon.