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Apple adds 'realityproOS' to list of potential VR headset trademarks

A render of a potential Apple headset [AppleInsider]

More trademark filings related to Apple's mixed-reality headset have surfaced, with realityproOS' joining a growing list of terms for the inbound VR-AR ecosystem.

Early on Monday, trademark filings were found for "xrProOS" registered by a potential Apple shell company. Within hours, even more terms have been discovered that may be for the Apple VR headset and software.

Spotted by patent attorney Narly Kalupahana, Immersive Health Solutions LLC made a filing in New Zealand on Monday, trying to claim the trademark "realityproOS." Immersive Health Solutions is thought to be an Apple shell company that had previously filed for the similar terms "Reality One," "Reality Pro," and "Reality Processor."

Just as with the "xrProOS" filing, the latest discovery is also showing a prior registration in Jamaica, as of May 1. Jamaica is often used to keep trademarks secret, since it lacks a searchable online filing database.

In another discovery, "realOS" was previously registered in Europe in 2022 by Realityo Systems LLC, but the firm has since made filings in other countries for the "realOS" term.

Again, Realityo Systems is thought to be an Apple shell company, used for registering trademarks. It was more famously used for the trademark filing for "realityOS" in 2022.

It seems that Apple is using multiple trademarks for a few reasons. As it has done before, it is doing so now so it has multiple choices to actually use for its inbound headset and related ecosystem while also protecting the terms from use by others.

As a byproduct of all of the filings, it also makes things difficult for anyone to know what the headset and operating system could be called before its actual introduction by the company.