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Apple Watch saves woman from a high-risk blood clot

Apple Watch has multiple heart-related functions.

An Apple Watch has helped save the life of a woman from a potentially deadly blood clot, by waking her up from a nap.

The Apple Watch has a range of heart-monitoring features built into it and has been repeatedly cited as the reason people sought medical assistance. In another instance of life-saving, the Apple Watch is said to have saved one Cincinnati woman, in a situation that could've turned deadly.

Kimmie Watkins was feeling unwell one day and decided that a nap could help make her feel better. She had felt lightheaded and dizzy, believing that it was down to not eating much food.

The nap wasn't for long, as her Apple Watch alerted her to a high heart rate of 178 beats per minute, reports Local12. After an hour and a half, the Apple Watch woke her with an alarm "that said that my heart rate had been too high for too long," explained Watkins. "So for over 10 minutes, it was too high."

Heading to her physician, Watkins was told she had a saddle pulmonary embolism. According to University of Cincinnati's College of Medicine cardiologist Dr. Richard Becker, it was the "most severe and life-threatening" blood clot, as it "saddles both the blood vessel to the right lung and to the left lung."

Becker said there was a 50% survival rate for a saddle pulmonary embolism.

Though she didn't have a history of heart problems, Watkins also discovered she had a clotting disorder. She is now working on regaining stamina and is taking blood thinners.

Watkins now hopes that others will take to wearing health-monitoring smart wearables like the Apple Watch.

"It might be seen as staying too connected or something, but I think it can be helpful in a health sense, and not just in a connect-to-people sense," she added.

The incident follows just over a month after a woman was rescued by emergency responders after a heart attack in May, summoned by the Apple Watch fall detetcion feature.