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Jony Ive's latest gig is the seal for King Charles's space project

Source: Sustainable Markets Initiative

An "Astra Carta" seal has been designed by Jony Ive's LoveFrom firm for the UK's King Charles, and aimed at being a call to action for private firms in space-related industries.

Ive previously designed the royal emblem for King Charles's coronation, and this new seal is similarly circular, with a crown toward the top. The Astra Carta seal is subtly animated, however, with stars and planets rotating around the center, as can be seen on the official site.

"We were fascinated by the celestial rhythms that were illuminated during this design process, and how they are profoundly connected to the patterns of life on Earth," said Sir Jony Ive in a statement sent to AppleInsider. "This feels a crucial time to do more to protect the natural universe in the broadest sense, and we are deeply honoured to have been able to contribute to this important and pioneering project."

The seal has today been revealed at Buckingham Palace in London by King Charles. In his previous role as Prince of Wales, he championed the Astra Carta project at 2022's Space Sustainability Summit.

"Inspired by His Majesty's vision," said Jennifer Jordan Saifi, Chief Executive Officer, Sustainable Markets Initiative, "the Astra Carta is a collective call to action that seeks to unite the public and private sectors and other stakeholders in a shared commitment to the responsible and sustainable use of outer space."

Colonel Chris Hadfield, ex-astronaut and International Space Station commander, also consulted on the creation of the project.

"Whether its executing activity in the most sustainable way or leveraging all that space has to offer for sustainability here on Earth," said Hadfield, "the Sustainable Markets Initiative's Astra Carta is a call to action and convenes those best placed to contribute."