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Apple's 'Underdogs' chase a stolen Mac in a new ad

Mia Schauffler in "Swiped" (Source: Apple)

Practically every single Apple security feature is artfully shown off in action in a new "Underdogs" ad that's as action-packed and tense as it is funny.

"The Underdogs" was originally the title of just one "Apple at Work" ad in 2019. Then the same office worker characters were back in 2022 for a film showing them going independent in "Escape from the Office."

Now they've returned for an eight-minute thriller called "Swiped," that sees a crucial MacBook Pro stolen right before it's going to be used for an important presentation. Cue Bridget (Mia Schauffler) using Find My to track down the thieves, and her colleagues chasing after her.

Apple does not credit Schauffler, the rest of the cast, nor any writers, directors or producers. It does, though credit Hauschka for original music — and then credits the video as "starring:"

  • Touch ID and Face ID
  • Find My
  • Passwords and Passkeys
  • Safari/Fraudulent Website Warning
  • End-to-End Encryption
  • Notify When Left Behind
  • MDM Remote Lock
  • MDM Remote Wipe
  • Secure Enclave
  • Family Sharing

The video then further credits a total of 16 Apple features used in the ad, ranging from Siri and Group FaceTime to Apple Pay and Keynote.